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  JAN DAVE O. OGATIS MWF (9:30-10:30) The NPD Group Scans the Globe for Marketing Data 1.   Based on the findings of NDP Group about childhood snacking patterns and the drop-off in dieting, it shows that along the years from 1985 to 2007 moms in the US are more health conscious in terms of providing snacks for their children and it is evidenced by the data gathered by NDP Group that among the list of snacks in the 14-day food and beverage diaries kept by moms, majority of the foods listed and being given to the children were healthy such as fruits, milk, cookies, juices, etc.. Furthermore, the findings also indicate that adult eating habits in the US are also changing. Adults prefer the strategy of choosing healthy foods to eat than dieting. The percentage of an adult doing a diet has declined by 10 percent while the percentage of adults eating healthier foods is increasing. Adults are choosing to eat low-fat, low-calorie, whole grain at least once a week. These implications suggest that food manufacturers must address the need of consumers for healthier foods rather than producing junk foods in a way that they are not only profit-oriented entities but as well as they are exercising social responsibility for the well-being of their consumers. On the part of the farmers, it is an opportunity for them to produce more fruits, vegetables and grains to cater the demand of most of the households. For schools and government agencies, it is an eye-opener for them to strengthen the campaign for healthy food diet; they must implement programs addressing the health and welfare of the people. For employers, they must also provide assistance to their employees in terms of their health because it is one of the factors that can affect the productivity of a certain employee. 2.   On my opinion the method that would yield the most accurate information about consume r’s food purchases would be customized research projects. It provides the most accurate information because in the first place it is customized in such a way that it can cater different conditions of its correspondents without compromising the accuracy of information that will be gathered. Secondly, it is a research project. It means that it will undergo a scientific procedure to come up with a conclusion based on facts. Finally, it is  costly; I learned in one of our major subjects in accounting that the more you want the data you gathered and the conclusion you come up with, it is more costly and for me research project is the most expensive method among the methods used by NDP Group. The rule may not always be true but it does make sense.
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