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parenting books should be read
    General Pa ã   Positive Discipline  by Jane Nelsen, E ã   P.E.T. Parent Effectiveness Trainin to Raise Responsible Children  by Th ã   Figuring Kids Out A Guide to Under Sandra Merwin 1992   ã   Self-Esteem; A Family Affair  by Jea ã   Growing Up Again Second Edition  b Connie Dawson 1998   ã   Parenting from the Inside Out  by Da Mary Hartzell, M.Ed.   ã   Unconditional Parenting  by Alfie Ko ã   Punished by Rewards  by Alfie Kohn ã   The Magic of Encouragement, Nurtu Esteem  by Stephanie Marston 1990   ã   Kids, Parents and Power Struggles  b 2000   ã   Positive Time-Out  by Jane Nelsen Ed ã   STEP Parenting Young Children  Don McKay & James S. Dinkmeyer 1989   ã   Help! The Kids Are at It Again  by Eli ã   Pick Up Your Socks and other skills by Elizabeth Crary 1990   ã   Kids Can Cooperate  by Elizabeth Cra ã   Raising Your Spirited Child  by Mary ã   Stop Struggling With Your Child by E Karen Friedman   ã   How To Talk So Kids Will Listen & Li by Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish 1980 ã   Jeanne Holmes 1993   ã   Becoming The Parent You Want To Keyser 1997   ã   Family Work, Whose job is it?  By Ly Marilyn Kientz, 1988   ã   Listening to Children booklet series ã   The General Theory of Love , Thoma Amini, M.D., Richard Lannon, M.D.   ã   Nurture Shock, New Thinking About Ashley Merryman, 2009   󰁒󰁥󰁣󰁯 enting Books   d.D.1987   The Tested New Way omas Gordon 1975   standing Children  by n Illsley Clarke 1978   Jean Illsley Clarke & niel J. Siegel, M.D., n 2005   1999   riing Your Child’s Self- y Mary Sheedy kurcinka ,D 1999   Dinkmeyer, Sr., Gary D. abeth Crary 1997   rowing children need! ry 1984   heedy Kurcinka 1991   vonne Weinhaus & sten So Kids Will Talk   e  by Laura Davis & Janis n Lott, Riki Intner & , Patty Wipfler,   s Lewis, M.D., Fari Children , Po Bronson & 󰁐 󰁭󰁭󰁥󰁮󰁤󰁥󰁤 󰁐󰁡󰁲󰁥󰁮󰁴󰁩󰁮󰁧 󰁂󰁯󰁯󰁫󰁳   󰁃󰁹󰁮󰁴󰁨󰁩󰁡 󰁋󰁬󰁥󰁩󰁮   󰁡󰁲󰁥󰁮󰁴󰁩󰁮󰁧 󰁅󰁤󰁵󰁣󰁡󰁴󰁯󰁲    Books about Girls and Women   ã   The Female Brain  by Louann Brezendine 2007.   ã   Girlfiighting  by Lyn Mikel Brown 2003   ã   Meeting at the Crossroads; Women’s Psychology and Girls’ Development , Lyn Mikel Brown & Carol Gilligan 1992   ã   Loving Your TEENAGE DAUGHTER (Whether she likes it or not)  by Debra Whiting Alexander, Ph.D. 2001   ã   I’m not mad, I just hate you! A New Understanding of Mother-Daughter conflict  by Roni Cohen-Sandler, Ph.D. & Michelle Silver, 1999   ã   Things will be different for my daughter  by Mindy Bingham and Sandy Stryker with Susan Allstetter Neufeldt, Ph.D, 1995   ã   Raising A Daughter by Jeanne Elium and Don Elium 1994   ã   Keep Talkiing, A Mother-Daughter Guide to the Pre-Teen Years , by Lynda Madison, Ph.D 1997   Books about Boys and Men   ã   Real Boys  by William Pollack, PH.D 1998   ã   Real boys Workbook : The Definitive Guide to Understandng and Interacting With Boys of All Ages by William Pollack & Kathleen Cushman   ã   Coaching For Fatherhood, Teaching Men New Life Roles  by Lewis Epstein 1996   Books about Teens   ã   Staying Connected To Your Teenager  by Michael Riera, Ph.D. 2003   ã   Uncommon Sense for Parents with Teenagers  by Michael Riera. 1995   ã   A Field Guide to the American Teenager by Michael Riera and Joseph Di Prisco, 2000   ã   Parent / Teen Breakthrough The Relationship Approach by Mira Kirshenbaum & Charles Foster, Ph.D. 1991   ã   Positive Discipline for Teenagers, Resolving Conflict with Your Teenage Son or Daughter  by Jane Nelsen and Lynn Lott   ã   The Roller-Coaster Years, Raising Your Child Through the Maddening Yet Magical Middle School Years  by Charlene Giannetti and Margaret Sagarese. 1997   ã   Parenting 911, How to Safeguard and Rescue Your 10 - 15 year old from Substance Abuse, Depression, Sexual Encounters, Violence, Failure at School, Danger on the Internet and Other Risky Situations  by Charlene Giannetti and Margaret Sagarese. 1999   ã   Parents, Teens and Boundaries, How to Draw the Line  by Jane Bluestein, Ph.D. 1993   ã   No More Nagging, Nit-picking, and Nudging, A Guide to Motivating, Inspiring and Influencing Kids Aged 10 – 18  by Jim Wiltens. 1991   ã   Get Out of My Life but first could you drive me and Cheryl to the mall?  by Anthony Wolf, Ph.D. 1991   ã   How To Talk With Teens About Love, Relationships, and S-E- X by Amy Miron, M.S. and Charles D. Miron, Ph.D. 2002    Books about Education and Learning   ã   Teaching with the brain in mind by Eric Jensen1998   ã   Multiple Intelligences of Reading and Writing by Thomas Armstrong 2003   ã   In Their Own Way by Thomas Armstrong 2000   ã   Your Child’s Growing Mind  by Jane M. Healy, Ph.D. 1994   ã   Doing Schoo l by Denise Clark Pope 2001   ã   The Case Against Homework  by Sara Bennett & Nancy Kalish 2006   ã   The Homework Myth  by Alfie Kohn 2006   ã   Teaching and Learning Through Multiple Intelligences  Second Edition by Linda Campbell, Bruce Campbell & Don Dickinson1996   ã   Mega Skills  by Dorothy Rich 1992   ã   ADHD & me, What I learned from lighting fires at the dinner table , Blake E.S. Taylor, 2007   ã   Look at me in the eye, my life with asperger’s , John Elder Robison, 2007   ã   Reaching and Teaching Children Who Hurt  by Susan E. Craig, 2008   Additional Book Resources   ã   The Gift of Fear; Survival Signals  by Gavin De Becker 1997   ã   Protecting the Gift; Keeping Children and Teenagers Safe  by Gavin De Becker 1999   ã   Stick Up For Yourself, Every Kid’s Guide to Personal Power and Positive Self-Esteem  Gershen Kaufman,Ph.D, Lev Raphael, Ph.D. & Pamela Espeland   ã   Anger, The Misunderstood Emotion  by Carol Tavris 1982   ã   The Dance of Anger by Harriet Goldhor Lerner, Ph.D. 1985   ã   The Indigo Children  by Lee Carroll & Jan Tober 1999   ã   Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs  by Linda Goodman 1968   ã   Spoiling Childhood  by Diane Ehrensaft, Ph.D   ã   Nonviolent Communication, A Language of Compassion  by Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D. 1999   ã   Mindsight, The New Science of Transformation , Daniel J. Siegel, M.D. 2010   ã   Hate Hurts, How Children Lean and Unlearn Prejudice , The Anti-Defamation League, Carol Stern-LaRosa, Ellen Hofheimer Bettmann, 2000   ã   The Highly Sensitive Child , Elaine N. Aron, Ph.D., 2002   ã   The Primal Wound, Understanding the Adopted Child  by Nancy Newton Verrier, 1993   ã   Mindsight, The New Science of Personal Transformation  by Daniel J. Siegel M.D. 2010  
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