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Randomized Algorithms a overview and tutorial
  1 Chapter 13 RandomizedAlgorithms Slides by Kevin Wayne.Copyright @ 2005 Pearson-Addison Wesley.All rights reserved.  2 Randomization Algorithmic design patterns. ! Greedy. ! Divide-and-conquer. ! Dynamic programming. ! Network flow. ! Randomization.Randomization. Allow fair coin flip in unit time.Why randomize? Can lead to simplest, fastest, or only known algorithmfor a particular problem.Ex. Symmetry breaking protocols, graph algorithms, quicksort, hashing,load balancing, Monte Carlo integration, cryptography. in practice, access to a pseudo-random number generator  13.1 Contention Resolution  4 Contention Resolution in a Distributed System Contention resolution. Given n processes P 1 , …, P n , each competing foraccess to a shared database. If two or more processes access thedatabase simultaneously, all processes are locked out. Devise protocolto ensure all processes get through on a regular basis.Restriction. Processes can't communicate.Challenge. Need symmetry-breaking paradigm. P 1 P 2 P n ...
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