Russian Lawyer. Natalia Veselnitskaya Doc No 422-16 Part 1-Judgment Conviction of William Browder and Magnitsky on July 11, 2013

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These series of documents, titled “RUSSIAN LAWYER NATALIA VESELNITSKAYA,” provides insight into the algorithm used to create the fake and false “Russian Narrative” that is being used by Leftist Media and individuals to ensnare President Donald J. Trump in their “Trump Trap.” President Trump is a Genius and President Putin is a Hero. The so-called “Trump Trap” is every bit Anti-God, as you will soon learn from the insight into the algorithm used to create the fake and false “Russian Narrative.” I found it best to understand this fake trap by creating an algorithm that allows you to quickly understand complex politics, “palotics,” and politico-legal relationships, persons and information. The algorithm I will be using is called the “t” or tee. In this case, because I know where I stand, I place “ME” on the Left of the “t” to observe the puzzle developing on the Right of the “t”. When this was done, I quickly learned that Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya is actually friendly towards myself and the majority of the people of the United States. What raised my suspicions was the fact that she claimed in one of her federal Court Documents, “RUSSIAN LAWYER. NATALIA VESELNITSKAYA DOC NO 508. DECLARATION IN OPPOSITION RE DOC NO 487 MOTION TO DISQUALIFY JOHN W. MOSCOW AND BAKER HOSTETLER LLP FOR ATTACKING ITS FORMER CLIENT,” that she was harassed by the US Government and that Hillary Clinton’s State Department denied her a Visa to enter the United States to represent her clients in a Federal Court proceeding instituted by President Obama’s Justice Department Preet Bharara, the U.S. Attorney in New York: “RUSSIAN LAWYER. NATALIA VESELNITSKAYA US ATTORNEY PREET BHARARA APPELATE BRIEF REQUESTING ATTORNEY DISQUALIFICATION OF BAKER HOSTETLER DATED FEB 16, 2016.” Because I never voted for or supported any member of the Democratic Party, they all naturally fall on the Right side of the “t”. This in turn naturally caused Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya and her Declaration under penalty of perjury filed in a Federal Court to fall on the Left side of the “t” with myself, the U.S. Constitution, the Holy Bible, President Trump, who is my Genius and President Putin, who is my Hero. The use of the “t” also helped me to understand Trump’s voters and supporters and their thought processes which are very similar to my own and may even unknowingly use my “t” algorithm to solve both simple and complex problems efficiently and swiftly. This also appears to be the reason football teams use different colors to identify and separate their players. The fact that My Country was suing a foreign entity in My Federal Court but was denying this foreigner legal representation in violation of everything we know about having a lawyer litigate complex issues, caused me to dig deeper. So in just one court document, I quickly learned Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya was actually blowing the whistle on my State Department and Government which were being operated and controlled by members of the Democratic Party. And since she was also being denied a Visa to enter the U.S., I felt justice was being obstructed in our Courts by the State Department. It appeared the efforts of Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya paid off in the court case against her clients because in May 2017, President Trump’s Justice Department, through Joon H. Kim, Acting U.S. Attorney, (SDNY), settled the case and refused to seize her client’s assets. See: RUSSIAN LAWYER. NATALIA VESELNITSKAYA. DOC NO 716 UNITED STATES AGREES TO SETTLE AND DROP ALL CLAIMS AGAINST ALL DEFENDANTS DATED MAY 15, 2017. These documents are the results of my 48 hours of diligent research. Enjoy. Please press the like button.
  Exhibit 50 Part 1 Case 1:13-cv-06326-WHP Document 422-16 Filed 11/18/15 Page 1 of 30  Case 1:13-cv-06326-WHP Document 422-16 Filed 11/18/15 Page 2 of 30  Case 1:13-cv-06326-WHP Document 422-16 Filed 11/18/15 Page 3 of 30  Case 1:13-cv-06326-WHP Document 422-16 Filed 11/18/15 Page 4 of 30
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