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He is not beauti f ul . His mother does not want hi m, chi l dr en run away f r om h i m. Peopl e l augh at h i m, and cal l hi m 'The El ephant Man' . T hen someone speaks to hi m - and l i stens to h i m! At the age of 27, J oseph Mer r i ck f i nds a f r i end f or the f ir st ti me in his l i f e. T his is a tr ue and tr agi c story. It is al so a f amous f i l m. O CASSETTE AVAILABLE Cover image istaken from the motion picture The Elephant Man
  He  is not  beautiful.  His  mother does  not  want  him, children run  away  from  him.  People laugh  at  him, and  call  him 'The Elephant  Man . Then someone speaks  to him   and  listens  to  him At the age  of  27,  Joseph  Merrick finds  a  friend  for the  first time in  his  life. This  is  a  true  and  tragic story.  It  is  also  a  famous  film. CASSETTE  AVAILABLE Cover image  is  taken from  the  motion picture  The Elephant Man.  Copyright ®  198 by  Paramount Pictures Alt  rights reserved Photo courtesy  of The Moviestorc  Collection limited London ST GE   ã  OXFORD BOOKWORMS  LIBRARY   TRUE  STORIES Bookworms provide enjoyable reading  in  English  t six  language stages and offer   wide range  of  fiction both classic  and  modern OXFOR UNIV RSITY PR SS    3 ã THE  ELEPHANT  MAN A  hundred years ago, the  world  was very different. Poor people  lived  in  cold,  dark homes, and never saw a doctor when they were  ill And if you were poor and very, very ugly . . . This is the story of a poor, ugly man. Nobody loved him,  everyone laughed at him. They put him in a  cage like  an animal at the zoo. Then one day a doctor saw him  and thought, 'This poor man is interesting. I want to study him.' Slowly, the Elephant Man  became famous, and everyone wanted to  meet  him. Even the Queen visited him But what was the Elephant Man really like? Did he think and feel like other people? Was he a sad, angry man?  Could  he ever smile and laugh, and forget his ugly face  and his strange, ugly body?  F,*<cna  Awrfutsicin —ã— Forma  de AOQU«H:HM { „  f ^F ^ ^^ c Nc-  s rcten  . j- - I  Wo Sistsrna  _. 4 too  De  inventano i  Precio r:r————— OXFORD BOOKWORMS  LIBR RY ru tories The lephant Man Stage   (400 headwords) Series Editor: Jennifer Bassett Founder Editor:  Tricia  Hedge Activities Editors: Jennifer Bassett and  Alison  Baxter  TIM  VIC RY The lephant Man OXFORD UNIVERSITY  PR SS
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